Wednesday, November 29, 2006


You have got to check out these pics of our latest family member. Please visit her (then you'll get to see us as well).

Monday, November 13, 2006

KSU (45) vs. TX (42)

This was the only game I've watched this football season. Maris and I were given tickets Saturday afternoon. Here's that story. My roommate, Mark, from my sophomore year at K-State is up in Chicago going to seminary. His grandma, Mertyse, was sick so he called me up to have me bring over some of my fancy cooking for her and her non-cooking husband, Fred. So in my resourcefulness I brought over some of my mom's cooking that she had given me that very day. I was invited in to the warm couple's home and shared some nice conversation. They invited Maris and I over for some wine some time which presents an ethical dilemma in and of itself (ask me why if you really want to know). As I left their home I thought to myself, "That's nice. It's almost like we have grandparents here in the Li'l Apple too." Later that week Fred called me to see if we wanted tickets to the KSU womens' basketball game. We couldn't attend because we were too busy dining with some Japanese friends that evening. The next morning, however, we were able to accept tickets to the major KSU upset of the year.

What an awesome game to be at. The tickets were in the north endzone which wasn't crowded at all. However, it was a bit frigid. There are benefits to close knit community, warmth being one of them. We stood by silent Texas fans and watched every extra point and field goal sail over our heads. When the final buzzer sounded I was glad to have our camera to record such footage as this
crazy video.

There's more where that came from. Perhaps I'll get that out to you as well if there's a desire.

Maris and I are pondering why people so readily worship at a football game but fail to worship God Almighty. These folks go crazy for this stuff. That's what's on my mind. Thanks for reading...