Thursday, March 26, 2009

My wife the trooper!

Maris is a strong woman. Kate doesn't sleep. As soon as she touches the crib mattress the tears well up and the cries begin. I'm really not much help as I'm not at all a night person (unless I've had too much caffeine like tonight...decaf in the morning, coffee at the office, a grande cup from Starbucks this afternoon and half of Michael Spare's special latte...I really have been cutting back was a fluke). Jambo and I sleep. Kate and Maris don't. The world cannot contain all the volumes that could be written on different parenting styles (and I don't even take the time to read the ones that are written). When it comes to so-called sleep training we're at a loss at this point. Consistency is key evidently. Consistency isn't our forte evidently. In my opinion, Maris is an all-star mom. I feel like I'm still in the minor leagues as far as fathering goes, but I'm growing. Lord, we pray for a good night's rest. Remember the days when this was Kate sound asleep?


Angela said...

maris really is a trooper i have been reading her blogg and it sounds like you all are having a great time with kate she has grown up alot in the pictures i hope i get to see her someday shes gorgeous you are all in my prayers the three of you and your families i hope that kate starts sleeping so that maris can get some sleep it seems like you and jambo should stay up with kate so maris can get some sleep lol

Anonymous said...

i heard ur sister was at douglass today she should of stop by and said hey to the high school kids

Jason said...

Hopefully it gets better. I mean she has to sleep sometime right? I'll be lifting them both up!